Harbour Esplanade Project

The Project

The project area comprises the area from Docklands Park to the south and Footscray Road to the north. Victoria Harbour's NAB building and the harbour are at its west and the buildings of AFL House, Etihad Stadium, Bendigo Bank and Victoria Point are to its east. The project is about creating both a major destination and a new heart for Docklands, while providing locals with more neighbourhood parks and open spaces.

The first stage of the project will include:

  • the relocation of the tram tracks into the centre of the street, similar to other signature streets in Melbourne;
  • the construction of four new accessible platform tram stops in Harbour Esplanade, 2 being adjacent to the Bendigo Bank building, with another two immediately north of Latrobe Street;
  • designated bicycle and pedestrian paths adjacent to the boulevard.

Early works in 2010 will include tree relocation and removal, enabling relocation of the tram tracks to follow. The trees will be replaced with a boulevard of around 230 Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pines), synonymous with many of Australia's coastal waterfront settings.

Design Consultants

A joint venture between Black Kosloff Knott and Taylor Cullity Lethlean (BKK/TCL) developed the concept designs for Harbour Esplanade.

Having worked on a number of significant urban infrastructure projects throughout Australia and New Zealand, BKK / TCL have a demonstrated history of working closely and collaboratively with development authorities, road agencies, councils, state governments and artists - all vital components in addressing this key area of public space, which forms the main pedestrian, cyclist, vehicle and public transport route between the northern and southern areas of Melbourne's Docklands.

Concept plans for the area were released late last year, with a progressed concept expected to be released for further consultation in 2010.


Please note these timeframes are only indicative and once finalised, will be published on the Docklands website and via other Docklands publications:

  • Stage 1 construction commencement:                             First half 2010


VicUrban is committed to engaging with the community and key stakeholders about the Harbour Esplanade project.  

As the project progresses, up-to-date information and key milestones will be provided via: 

  • Docklands community bulletins
  • Local publications
  • www.docklands.com  
  • Information displays 


At various stages of the project, the Docklands community will be offered the opportunity to comment.

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